Started Djing when i was around 18 with my buddy Richard who is sadly no longer with us anymore. RIP RichieP.. we started on the pub and clubs, weddings and birthday parties ect.. We called ourselves DR-Disco, which i carried the name on once i got into online radio around 2001 were i play on a radio station Radio Freedom, when a group of Dj's decided lets have our own station so in 2005 Me Dj Pegs and Dj Asphy created Boom.FM .. We was around for about 5 years. Back in March 2020 while i was in hospital and everyone were going into lockdown, i had a bright idea to see if we should bring BoomFM back so we could support each other through lockdown.. We now have a stronger team and support has been amazing.. Thanks to DeksMusic, our admin Team Uni, Dj Dilligaf, Asphy, Pegs, Shaggy.. and all the Djs and the listeners..

My music taste being a 70's child with parents who loved the 60's and 70's, this was my first introduction to music and throughout the years music has been my passion.

Love the 80's but the 90's were mainly spent at raves like Helter Skelter and United Dance and Dreamscape as i use to take photos for a Rave magazine.

My Favorite Artists : Example U2 Simple Minds

Live On BoomFM #boomfmuk

Every Tuesday @ 21:00 hrs - 23:00 hrs - Bangers n MashUp

Every Thursday @ 19:00 hrs - 22:00 hrs - Ultimate Request Show

all times are UK

BoomFM Facebook: #boomfmuk Boomfmuk

Insta: @my_life_with_tpn

Twitter: @mylifewitharti1

Facebook: UltimateRequestShow

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