We have a brand new site!!

We have a new website! It's still in the Beta stages, so bear with us over the next few weeks while updates will be going on.

Users can now sign up/RSVP to DJ sets and receive updates and notifications about the event.

Each DJ now has their own 'Boom Space', with a Group Feed. For DJs to update listeners and for listeners to interact.

Our Listen Again page has been improved, so listening back to previous sets is easier.

The new site may not be available for 24hrs for some, as it updates our domain across the web, so if the new website hasnt loaded for you...try again in a bit.

As always, give us some feedback and suggestions!

Give the new site a go, sign up, join the Boomspaces, and sign up to the events (which i will add a few weeks onto now)

Enjoy (hopefully)!

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